Sunday, October 23, 2016

Haunted House Charm Bracelet

I love a great ghost story, and with this charm bracelet of original haunted houses you can get your scare on! There are photo's of the following houses with engraved charms of the names of each house and year it was built.
*Queen Anne Mansion, San Francisco, built 1880
*Winchester House, San Jose, built 1884
*Madrona Manor, Healdsburg, built 1880
*Franklin Mansion, Cleveland, built 1865
*Whaley House, San Diego, built 1857 (voted the most haunted house in America).
As always, created in 316L stainless steel, Swarovski crystals, and USA pewter cast charms. Durable, won't tarnish and contains no nickel or plated metals.

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