Monday, August 27, 2012

How I create my jewelry?

On Sunday, one of my customers wanted me to create some custom jewelry for her. She asked what was important to me in the design. A interesting question which I had never been asked. My thoughts on the jewelry I create:

When I do designs, of any kind, what is of the utmost importance to me is the following:
1) It must function: this means not too heavy, the elements don't bend, break, catch on clothing. It will be something you will love to wear 10 years from now. You have to be careful when creating jewelry for the sake of art. The art has to always be secondary to the wearability of the creation.
2) It must be durable: No inexpensive metals that turn, or wear off, like silver plate. This is the reason I love the alternative metals of stainless steel, pewter, silver filled and other high end metals. They are great alternatives to the cost of sterling than can run $35 per ounce before fabrication. I used to work only in a silversmith, but it became too costly.
3) It must be asthetic to the eye, with balance of design in both color and shape.
4) It must have a magical quality. The crystals sparkle, the bracelet makes a light noise like windchimes, and I wish it makes you smile and lightens your day every time you wear it.

These are all things I do before I create a piece of jewelry. I might love a look, a bead, or a charm, but if it doesn't meet my high standards, I don't use it.

~I wish you a magical day~

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