Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 Reasons to Stop Purchasing Plated Jewelry

I used to purchase silver plated jewelry, but eventually it ended up turning orange and either in the trash or at the bottom of a drawer.  When I created my jewelry line I wanted quality jewelry at an affordable price that would last for years.  I discovered 316L stainless steel after doing 3 years of research.  I located my own stainless steel manufacture and all my components are 316L stainless steel.  My settings are .925 sterling silver, and my charms are either USA cast pewter, stainless steel or sterling silver.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

New! Vampire Charm Bracelet just in time for Halloween

New Vampire and Halloween Charm Bracelet.

What a amazing gift for a child, a fun Vampire charm bracelet that can be personalized with her name. This bracelet is created with the same quality materials as my full ladies charm bracelet. These bracelets are adjustable and will grown with your young lady with lots of room to add charms through the years. Because they are created in solid 316L stainless steel, and no plated materials of any kind, she will have this bracelet for many years. A gift that grows with her. Appropriate for a young lady 6 years and up. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vintage Quilt Flour Sack Charm Bracelet

Let this amazing vintage quilt charm bracelet in pinks and grays take you back to my Grandmothers farm house in the Appalachia mountains where the women in my family would gather on a Thursday to hand sew an amazing quilt for a wedding, birthday, or holiday gifts. My grandma Laura, great grandma Mattie, aunt Jean, Martha Ruth and Julia Ann, and neighbors joined around the quilt with their needles flying. They would share their food, gossip, Southern Iced Tea, and their life's....and just have a good time. My sister and I would play underneath this quilt, and it became our tent. This charm bracelet brings back those memories of a magical time when life was all about family and that anything was possible.